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Seven original songs, all live from performances in 2017. PossumHaw's final release!
This album is available by digital download only.

Waiting and Watching, 2014

Waiting and Watching ($15)

1. In Comes the Tide (Listen)
2. Six White Cadillacs (Listen)
3. Now and Then (Listen)
4. Our Work is Never Done (Listen)
5. Waiting and Watching (Listen)
6. On the Lemon Fair (Listen)
7. Makeshift Heart (Listen)
8. Sam Falls (Listen)
9. Wait a Minute (Listen)
10. So Long (Listen)
11. Shake Out the Chaff (Listen)
12. We'll Leave the Past Behind (Listen)

"Superb" -Addison County Independent
"The best female vocalist in country music this state has produced in many years" -Rutland Herald/Barre-Montpelier Times Argus
"Crehan has penned a few instant classics" -Robert Resnik, Seven Days
"Easygoing beauty" -Burlington Free Press

Fortune's Name, 2010

Fortune's Name ($15)

1. Fortune's Name (Listen)
2. Tracing Paper (Listen)
3. The Cup
4. Battles of Men
5. Carabell (Listen)
6. That April Morning
7. Lost and Lonely
8. Road to Mora (Listen)
9. Daybreak Blues
10. Man without a Country
11. Bees Knees Rag
12. Poor Side of Town (Listen)

Madtom, 2007

Madtom ($15)

1. Young Lynn
2. Come Up and Find Me (Listen)
3. By the Fire (Listen)
4. Split Rail
5. Short-changed Again
6. My Native Home
7. Stoneysides
8. Backpage Waltz
9. Sumter
10. Bean and Jackson
11. I'm Tryin
12. Tributary

Listen to and Purchase Madtom at CD Baby
Purchase songs from Madtom at DigStation - Indie Music Downloads

Split-rail, 2005

Split-rail ($15)

1. Come On In
2. Arkansas Hills
3. Send Heaven Down
4. Overhill
5. To Their Knees
6. Fire of '89
7. M. Case (Listen)
8. Rich Girl's Life
9. Blue Hill Bay
10. Sunset Train (Listen)
11. Halfway to Horah Street
12. Mr. Enginner

Photo by Joe Smith
Updated 3/25/2017